HiProTerraFlor+ (NPK 10-3-8) Mycorrhiza / Trichoderma / eradicative microorganisms
Item no.: 1001-1-1









Malt germs, vegetable substances from the production of food, beverages or
feed production, urea, sulfuric acid ammonia – monoammonium phosphate, vinasse potassium
monoammonium phosphate, vinasse potash, mycorrhiza/trichoderma.

Areas of use:
Lawns, green areas, sports facilities, ornamental turf, nitrogen consuming plants, etc.

Mode of action:
HiProTerraFlor+ (NPK 10-3-8) is a lawn fertilizer that can also be used universally for nitrogen consuming plants.
The HiProTerraFlor+ (NPK 10-3-8) version starts working in about 2-3 days.
The eradicative microorganisms (spore bacteria) bind nitrogen from the air and store it
in non-leachable, plant-available, organic form in the soil. Makes in the soil e.g. phosphorus
and potash available to plants.
Decomposes and breaks down crop residues, increases humus content, soil health and pH,
promotes earthworms. Increases plant health, quality, root growth and yield.
In combination with Mycorrhiza/Trichoderma a sustainable and environmentally friendly combination.

Processing Tip.

  • Work into the soil/earth.
  • Sprinkle on the soil / soil.
  • Water immediately after spreading, so that the mycorrhiza/trichderma can be immediately absorbed into the soil.
  • Water immediately after application, or apply before rain.
  • In the lawn 80 g in spring, 50 g in summer and 40 g in autumn per sqm.
  • HiProTerraFlor+ (NPK10-3-8) minimum shelf life 3 years.

Delivery container: 10 kg – 25 kg – 500 kg – 1.000 kg

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