HiProTerraAqua 7,5% (NPK 8-3-8) Mycorrhiza / Trichoderma
Item no.: 1006-1

92,5% HiProTerraFlor+ (NPK 8-3-8) Mycorrhiza / Trichoderma
7,5 % HiProAqua







HiProTerraFlor+ (NPK 8-3-8) Mycorrhiza / Trichoderma:
Malt germs, plant substances from the food, luxury food or
feed production, urea, sulfuric acid ammonia,monoammonium phosphate, vinasse potash, mycorrhiza/Trichoderma.
HiProAqua Premium:
Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) – Diabase Primary Rock (85:15 w/w).

Commercial horticulture, gala construction, ornamental plants, trees, shrubs, agriculture, forestry and areas to be regenerated, arid areas, hobby horticulture.

Mode of action: .
The difference of HiProTerraFlor+ (NPK 8-3-8) from the classic mineral fertilizers is: HiProTerraFlor + NPK 8-3-8 has a long release of nutrients of up to 3 months.
HIProAqua absorbs water and makes it available to the plant as needed over a longer period of time. The full effect develops after 48 h. The effectiveness is about 3-4 years.

Processing note.
HiProTerraAqua 7.5%

  • Work into the soil / soil. Depending on the root / plant species to the appropriate depth.
  • Water immediately after application to allow the mycorrhizae/trichoderma and water stores to develop and soak into the soil immediately.
  • An initial fertilization with HiProTerraAqua 7, 5% and further top dressing with HiProTerraFlor+ (NPK 8-3-8) are possible after mycorrhiza/Trichoderma fertilization.
  • HiProTerraAqua 7.5% Minimum shelf life: 3 years.

Delivery container: 10 kg – 25 kg – 500 kg – 1.000 kg

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