HiProBioVegal+ BIO (NPK 3-4-4) Mycorrhiza/Trichoderma / eradicative microorganisms
Item no.: 1009-1-1

100% BIO fertilizer for crisp vegetables & fresh herbs








Clay powder, rock phosphate, potassium sulfate, humus from separate collection,
Seabird guano, diatomaceous earth, lignosulfonate (granulated excipient).

Commercial horticulture, gala construction, ornamental plants.

Mode of action: .
HiProBioVegetal+ BIO(NPK 3-4-4) Start of action up to one week.
It reduces fertilization intervals by 50%. Promotes root growth and increases crop yield.
The eradicative microorganisms (spore bacteria) bind nitrogen from the air and store it in the soil in non-leachable, plant-available, organic form. Makes in the
Phosphorus and potash available to plants in the soil.
Decomposes and breaks down crop residues, increases humus content, soil health and pH, promotes earthworms. Increases plant health, quality, root growth and
the yield of the plants.
When combined with Mycorrhiza/Trichoderma, a sustainable and environmentally friendly combination.
HIProAqua absorbs water and makes it available to the plant as needed over an extended period of time. The full effect develops after 48 h. The effectiveness is about 3-4 years.

Processing note.

HiProBioVegetal+ BIO (NPK 3-4-4)can be processed in two working methods:
Before planting, spread evenly over the entire surface and work in flat. At
water in case of drought. Repeat after 2-3 months and sprinkle fertilizer granules between,
or around the plants. In total twice a year
120 g (about 8-10 heaped tablespoons per square meter).

  • Work into the soil/earth
  • Spread on the soil/soil
  • Water immediately after application to allow the mycorrhiza/trichoderma
  • immediately soak into the soil
  • HiProBioVegetal+ BIO (NPK 3-4-4) Minimum shelf life: 3 years.

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